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10466 Programmable Torque Verifier FM 2.4 GHz

Torque Controllers

Applications & Features

When multiple clicker-type torque wrenches are to be used at a location on the line and wireless communication of the status of each tool use is needed, the PTV-FM is the reliable and cost-effective answer! The PTV-FM 2.4 GHz uses two-way wireless radio communications to work with up to four SR SLTC FM 2.4 GHz Wireless Preset Clicker-Type Torque Wrenches.

Each PTV-FM can support differing specifications and batch quantities among the tools it controls. It also provides immediate operator feedback for the selected parameter. With each fastening, the batch count display is updated. PLC communication is supported through an I/O port and 24 VDC relays.

  • Uses highly accurate and durable Wireless Preset Clicker-Type Torque Wrenches.
  • Immediately informs operator via lights and a buzzer of OK/NOK result.
  • Notifies operator and line when each batch is complete.
  • Allows up to 255 fasteners per batch.
  • Counts fasteners in batch either up (completed correctly) or down (to be tightened).
  • Cycle Accept, Cycle Reject, and Batch Complete output relays for use with 24 VDC line control system.
  • 24 VDC line control system supports cycle accept, reject, and batch complete outputs while inputs support parameter selection, remote suspend, remote batch reset.
  • Simple and straight forward front panel programming with security control.
  • Each specification set (parameter) can be used on any of up to four tools tied to the unit.
  • Tool use sequencing can be controlled through the unit or through the 24 VDC I/O port.
  • Operates on either 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC power.

Ordering Information

ModelPart No.Description
PTV-FM 2.4 10466 Programmable Torque Verifier, 2.4 GHz


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