When ordering the GIM 400 use part number 10611      

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The Global I/O Multiplier 400 (GIM 400)

If you have need for I/O functionality in your assembly process the GIM 400 is a robust partner for the Global 400. Together the Global 400 and GIM 400 are often referred to as the "Power Duo" of error proofing. 

The GIM 400 quickly adds unique value to your error proofing operations. Here is a quick summary of the things that make the GIM 400 such a workhorse. 

  • Easy to install and is virtually a PLC that can be configured via the Windows based Global Manager software. You won't need to pay someone to program the GIM 400. It is so easy you can do it yourself. 
  • Sixteen (16) inputs and outputs with LED indicators to make installation easier. 
  • Can be configured for up to 100 binary I/O in conjunction with a PLC.
  • The faceplate has corresponding lights that make it easy to install and trouble shoot the circuits configuration. 
  • Peripheral devices like light stacks, socket trays, etc that need power, can be powered by the  GIM 400 if you choose.

The GIM 400 gives you control and flexibility over your assembly processes in ways no other system provides. Want to harden your processes and have the Global 400 and GIM 400 error proofing power duo organize, manage, direct, and guide the operator, the tools, and multi-step jobs? It does that.

Have an assembly or a repair situation where you want documentation but need the operator to make all the decisions about the work sequence? The Global 400 and GIM 400 do that for you as easily as it controls everything. 

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To order the Global Input/Output Multiplier (GIM 400) use part number 10611 

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