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Why do engineers buy their audit wrenches from Sturtevant Richmont and come back for more?

Exacta 2 Digital Torque WrenchIt is a lot more than accuracy, reliability, and durability. We know those factors are important. But how those factors are quickly and easily integrated into the assembly process and the way things are done is a big factor too.

We have seen a lot of engineers with a lot of responsibility keep an Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrench in their desk. Seems like it should be in the tool crib, doesn't it? Actually, the better spot for that wrench is in their desk drawer. 

Let's say you have responsibility for the assembly and something goes wrong. You are being called into a meeting to explain the problem. You reach into your desk drawer, pull out your Exacta 2 wrench, get some specifications and you are ready to go out and audit. 

Whether you wrote down the results or kept the results in the Exacta 2 you now go into the meeting with answers that are within +/- 1% of the torque reading. Instant credibility? Absolutely. 

If you've ever walked into a meeting unprepared you never want to do that again. The Exacta 2 Digital Torque Wrench makes sure you never have to do that again.


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Error Proofing From A Different Angle: Definition of error proofing and some observations by W. Edwards Deming.

Finding The Balance: In error proofing "one size fits no one."  To find what fits in your organization, start with the fundamental question of "How much responsibility for error proofing should be given to the tool and how much should be operator responsibility?" This section provides more on this concept.

Six Error Proofing Scenarios: Error proofing solutions all have trade-offs. You can have control or you can have flexibility. Rarely do you get both. This page looks at error proofing extremes as well as the middle ground. 

How Much Are You Investing In Errors? If your current error proofing system or approach still leaves you with errors you are investing in errors, not error proofing. Error proofing is about quality and it is also very much about dollars and common sense. This page digs into that.

Understanding The Common Centerline: Not having a common centerline is one invisible place where your error proofing approach can introduce errors instead of eliminating them. If you want to know how to calculate a common centerline and why it is important this page is for you.

There is more about error proofing in our tool pages. If you need more, your Sturtevant Richmont Sales Professional is a great resource to help. here.

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